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A Record of Action

I'm proud of my record of working for my neighbors and our community, and the work isn’t done yet.

  • Working toward a racially just and equitable Northampton Councilor Elkins co-sponsored with Councilors Gore and Perry the Resolution to Create the Joint Commission to Study Racialized Harms Perpetrated Against Black Residents and Workers in Northampton and has been appointed to the Commission.

  • Fighting to protect the LGBTQ+ Community
    Councilor Elkins co-sponsored, with Councilor Foster, the unanimously approved resolution in support of state legislation providing for a gender-neutral designation on state documents and identifications and will continue to advocate for passage of this and other important protections for Northampton’s Queer community.

  • Acting in the face of climate crisis
    Councilor Elkins co-sponsored, with Councilor Maoire, a home rule petition asking the state legislature to allow Northampton to opt into the state's Fossil Free Pilot program and testified before legislative committees in support of the city's request. 

  • Holding police accountable
    Councilor Elkins led the fight in City Council to make sure Northampton meets its obligations to ensure police accountability and protect the due process rights of people involved in police encounters by funding police cruiser dashboard cameras.

  • Reforming zoning to meet our housing needs now and in the future
    Councilor Elkins has worked closely with Northampton’s Department of Planning and Sustainability to continue two decades of creative and responsible zoning reform to encourage development of desperately needed housing that is sustainable and attainable no matter your walk of life.

  • Supporting Northampton Business and Recovery of Downtown
    Councilor Elkins supports the Picture Main Street redesign and is committed to helping existing businesses not just endure the construction,  but come out of it stronger and giving new businesses the leg up they need to fill our vacant storefronts. 

For updates or to just let me know what’s on your mind, complete this contact form. And if you’d like to get involved with the campaign, let us know here.


I look forward to speaking to all of you about your hopes for Northampton’s future and how we can work together to make them a reality. I would be honored to earn your vote.




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